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Merge has been approved.

The vote for the merge of Dnister and Latvian was passed with 92.91% of the votes in favour of the Board resolution.
Members and account holders can continue to operate account as they have been, we will advise any changes to account numbers and accounts in due course. Any queries call 1300 658 528.
Our office hours will be changing we will be open:
Monday and Wednesday from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
Friday from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays we will be closed.

  • This is a joint statement issued by the Latvian Australian Credit Co-operative Society Ltd and Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative Ltd

Latvian Australian Credit Co-operative Society Ltd (Latvian) and Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative Ltd (Dnister) have recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to investigate the potential merger of the two organisations.

For more information click on the Dnister Merge Information Tab.

Photo of Liam Tiernan with Peter Delvers

Liam Tiernan CEO of Dnister with Peter Delvers General Manger of Latvian 

  • Transaction Listings by Email
If you require a transaction listing to be forwarded to you then email us at
and we will forward to you as soon as we can a transaction listing of your account.
This is not an account statement only an account listing.
  • Government Guaranteed Deposits
Your deposit with the Latvian Australian Credit Co-operative is guranteed by the Australian Goverment, for further information look under the Investments section.

  • Membership now open to all.

We have now modified our Company constitution to remove the common bond requirements to be a member of the Credit Co-operative. All that is required is to complete an application form, pay $10 for 5 shares. The application is subject to approval by the Board.

  • Direct Credits and Debits

Those members wishing to have their salary, pension, dividends or any similar payments credited directly to their account, or regular payments debited directly from their account, should note the following details to be supplied so their account may be credited or debited. 

Financial Institution: Latvian Australian Credit Co-operative
BSB No.: 704 723
Account No.: This is your account number
Account Name: These are the names in which the account rests.

  • Deposits via Westpac Bank Branches

For those members finding it difficult to attend one of our branches to make deposits of cash and or cheques, these can also be made at any Westpac Bank Branch or Bank of Melbourne Branch by use of a pre-encoded deposit book. For further details or to order a book please contact either branch office. 



Updated February 12, 2015
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